The magic of numbers

Numerology is the deep learning of numbers, and the cryptic way in which they affect our behavioral tendencies and aptitudes, as a fundamental portion of the celestial plan. The Indian numerology states that there are three numbers which are the most significant. They are:

  1. Psychic number: these numbers divulgethe manner in which people look at themselves. It defines your rudimentary character and your expectations regarding yourself. These numbers are achieved by calculating a sole whole number (i.e. from 1 to 9) of the date you were born. For instance, a person born on 26th May, has his psychic number as 2+6=8.


  1. Destiny Number: the destiny number reveals the way in which the whole world views you and is connected to the deeds that you have done in the past, or karma. It defines that you as seen by other people. Even though, both destiny and psychic numbers are important in their own ways, when a person reaches the age of thirty to forty, the destiny numbers gain more importance than the psychic numbers. The destiny number is also a sole whole number and is calculated by totaling of the date, month and the year in which a person was born. For example, a person born on 26th May, 1934, has his destiny number as 2+6+5+1+9+3+4=31, 3+1=4.


  1. Name Number: the name number in Indian numerology reveals your relationship with other people, and it can be more than one if people call you with more than one name. Changing your name can modify your name number, hence, augmenting specific qualities in you.

A numerology chartcan be used to calculate your name number. You have to use your full name and calculation of each of the word has to be done separately. For instance, you can skip your middle name or include it if you use it generally in day to day activities. One method is to provide each alphabet a distinct number (i.e. a=1, b=2,c=3) till you reach the number 9 and then begin it all over again with 1 (i.e. h=8, i=9, j=1, k=2). Then add up all the numbers that are included in your name, and make it a single whole number by summing the result together.

Every single number that comes as a result has a special significance in the numerology chart.For example, people with number 1 can be honest and intricate while those with number 2 are humanitarian and sensitive in nature, thus it helps you in learning more about yourself.

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